Garden Coaching

Let us guide you in making informed decisions when you're shopping for plants, tools, soils and fertilizers and help save you effort, time and money. We can lead you to the best vendors, make sure you're spending your money on the right products and help you save money. Our many years of trial and error and valuable experience have helped us build a solid knowledge base that we can share with you in your personal endeavors to create a beautiful garden to enjoy for years to come, by doing it right the first time. 

A coaching session includes an at-home visit with one of our horticulturalists, giving you an opportunity to discuss your current garden space and how it can be improved. We will suggest where to place plant material to get the best visual impact, and give you new plant ideas and how they can be added to your space. Detailed plant care will be discussed including proper techniques for the DIY just starting out. Pruning lessons and correct timing will be studied for existing plantings and any new ones that will be added. You are encouraged to take notes.

Consult rate of $190

(Detailed planting and landscape plans available upon request. Pricing starting at $500)

Orleans (Ottawa) Ontario


Candace Mallette Landscape & Garden Design